Omnipure Filter Co., Inc. is a leader in manufacturing exceptional inline water filters for commercial or residential use. We have created the first disposable inline carbon filter, where we focus on providing “better-tasting water.” Our facility has state-of-the-art equipment and in-house capabilities to deliver you the best inline water filter.

A inline water filter is essential in today’s world to prevent impurities from affecting your water source. Furthermore, these are used to block dangerous contaminants. We ensure our innovative products do their job to give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Our Inline Water Filter Systems

As mentioned, a inline water filter removes water impurities and contaminants and gives you safe drinking water. Omnipure Filter’s inline water filters come in different designs to achieve your desired needs. However, its main uses and benefits are the same.

The common benefits of our inline water filters:

  • Gives you better-tasting water: Our motto and mission is to provide a product that will enhance your overall quality of life and to ensure the water you drink is safe and delicious.
  • Remove unwanted contaminants: Unfiltered water has contaminants, such as sediments, heavy metals, byproducts, and chlorine. To ensure that you don’t consume these, Omnipure Filter’s carbon block water filter will help to reduce and even eliminate these contaminants.
  • Easy installation: Our products are designed for easy installation, especially for homeowners who want to install them themselves with little to no effort!
  • Remove bad odor: Water can have a foul odor; Using our high-quality inline water filters is highly recommended to keep your water clean and odorless.
  • Prevent blockages: Sediments and other particles found in unfiltered water can cause clogs, damaging your plumbing system. Our carbon water filter can block these particles for an enhanced experience at home or for commercial use.
  • Prevent unfiltered water-related disease or illness: Some diseases and conditions, like E. coli, giardia, and cryptosporidium, are caused by unfiltered water, especially for those sensitive to bacteria.

Ideal for Residential & Commercial Use

We offer different inline water filter designs for both commercial and residential use. We also provide custom designs for particular applications. We have the expertise and knowledge to work with your design to ensure our products deliver the best results.

Residential Use

Our first disposable POU, or point-of-use, water filter was introduced in 1970, which became a hit for residential use. Homeowners enjoy our water filtration products because they are affordable, easy to install, and designed with quality in mind. 

Commercial Use

Our commercial water filters are specially designed to accommodate the demanding environment that commercial businesses, such as the food and beverage industries, offer. Fortunately, various designs and models are already configured to provide better-tasting water to supplement their services.

The Different Designs We Offer

We have different filter models available for you to choose from. Remember that some designs are best used for a particular setting, such as residential or commercial. If you have a specific request, we can create a special one for you to achieve your desired results.

Water filters available

Industries We Serve

With our different options of inline water filters, these are the top choice for our residential and commercial customers. There are various packages to choose from, each with distinct features that make them applicable to many industries.

Proudly manufactured in the United States serving different sectors since 1970. We produce over 20,000 filters every day for our customers worldwide.

Food & Beverage Industry

Ideal for use in restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, and cafes because they are designed for the higher volume requirements of the food service industries. 

Medical Industry

The medical industry has high standards and requirements for safe water. This makes our water filters the perfect option to ensure that a variety of contaminants and water-related bacteria are blocked.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Like the medical industry, the pharmaceutical sector requires it’s water source to be clean and safe. Hygiene is vital in the creations of medications and other pharmaceuticals.

Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry also uses water filters for numerous applications. Water filtration is necessary to ensure safe and clean water needed to grow crops and raise livestock.

Biotechnological Industry

The biotechnological industry focuses on using biology to create valuable products that can improve our way of life and health. It’s only natural for them to choose the best inline water filter for their facilities to create these products.

Engineering Unique Products for You

We take pride in creating and designing products according to your specifications. Because our filters are built from the ground up, we offer our customers proprietary or partially exclusive products helping to add value by differentiating their product from their competitors. This places us in a unique position in the water filtrations industry.

Choose Omnipure Filter Co., Inc. for Your Water Filtration Needs

We are innovators who believe our most powerful tool for success is the relationships we forge with our customers, vendors and industry peers. We still think honesty is the best policy, and that treating people fairly, and with respect is just how you do it. We know that good ethics is good business and great products come from great people. We will continue to innovate, improve, and provide the finest point-of-use water filtration products in the industry.

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