Omnipure has continued to be a world-wide leader in the point of use water filter industry since its beginning in 1970. We developed a reputation for ease of use, affordability, and legendary quality. Our products are proudly made in Idaho USA.

The transition to commercial applications happened organically. Our filters found their way into restaurants, coffee shops, and water coolers. Today our products are used in virtually any commercial application where better tasting water is critical. What separates our products from the average filter is the ease of installation and the performance vs. cost. Many of our models can be changed in a matter seconds with no disruption of business or the expense of a service call. We offer a variety of filter media to solve wide range of water quality issues. This includes Omnipure’s proprietary industry leading carbon block, and Aquabond technology.

Whether as a stand-alone unit or in a customized system, Omnipure filters are the ideal and simple choice for any business.

Commercial Water Filters

In 1970, Omnipure Filter Co. started manufacturing high-quality point-of-use water filters in our Caldwell, Idaho factory. The creation of the first small, disposable inline carbon filter revolutionized the water filtration industry, giving birth to the idea of “better-tasting water.” 

Today, as the world leader in filtration technology, Omnipure Filter Co. products are known for their affordability, ease of use, and exceptional quality. All products are produced in-house, with the capability of making 20,000 filters per day for global distribution. 

Commercial water filtration products have become an essential component of foodservice operations. Restaurants, convenience stores, and coffee shops rely on filters to provide quality drinking water for their customers. Fountain drinks consist of  84% water, coffee and tea are 98% water, and ice is 100% water. It is critical for commercial water filters to be of the utmost quality. Bad tasting water could destroy the reputation of a business. 

Whether used as part of a customized system or in a stand-alone unit, Omnipure Filter Co. filters provide better tasting water and are the ideal choice for any foodservice company. 

What is a Commercial Water Filter? 

Commercial water filters have microscopic openings that prevent contaminants from getting into the water stream while allowing water to pass through. Unwanted substances can include: 

  • Bacteria 
  • Harmful Sediments 
  • Iron and Manganese 
  • Suspended Particles 
  • Chlorine and other chemicals 

Any industry that consistently requires fresh, purified water should implement commercial water treatment technology. Providing safe water is imperative to the health of your customers and employees. Further, off-color, bad-tasting, or odorous water can be extremely offputting, causing damage to your business’ reputation. 

Foodservice operations require water filtration for use in commercial kitchen equipment, such as: 

  • Water Coolers 
  • Ice Machines 
  • Coffee Machines 
  • Beverage Dispensers 
  • Steamers 
  • Combi Ovens 
  • Dishwashers 
  • Warewashers 

Commercial water filtering technologies continue to advance, increasing the lifespan of filtration systems and expanding opportunities for application. Omnipure commercial filters can solve a vast range of water quality issues using our Aquabond and proprietary carbon block technologies.  

Benefits of Commercial Water Filters

Some of the many benefits of maintaining high-quality water through the use of Omnipure’s line of commercial filters include:

Eliminate Energy Inefficiencies with Scale-Reduction Filters   

It is a well-known fact that hard water can wreak havoc on commercial kitchen equipment. Scale deposits can cause frequent clogs and lead to unnecessary downtime. A quality commercial water filter will fight lime-scale buildup, eliminating time-consuming breakdowns and expensive repairs. 

Reduction of Suspended Solids 

One way of gauging water quality is to test the amount of microscopic solid particles that remain suspended in the water. A commercial water filter will reduce the number of suspended solids, resulting in a better appearance and taste.

Greater Treatment Efficiency 

Commercial water filters can accommodate a much greater capacity than residential filters, offering greater treatment efficiency. Further, water filtration systems can be added to existing systems to further boost efficiency. 

Less Equipment Maintenance 

Many of our filters only take a few seconds to change, with no need for a service call or a costly disruption to regular business. Harmful contaminants can jeopardize your plumbing system, leading to expensive repairs. Commercial filters will keep kitchen equipment running efficiently while providing a steady source of clean water.  

Removal of Municipal and Groundwater Contamination 

Many impurities such as VOCs, THMS, pesticides, chlorine, herbicides, and bacteria in water come from municipal and groundwater contamination. Using a commercial water filter will allow for contaminant-free water with no smell and tastes good every time.

Chlorine-Free and Chemical-Free Filtered Water 

Having high-quality water that is safe for consumption is essential in foodservice operations. Not only beverages, but many foods, require chemical-free water to ensure a proper taste. Omnipure filters will remove chlorine, leaving water fresh and better tasting. 

Applications of Commercial Water Filters 

Commercial water filtration is an essential component for industries that require fresh, clean water. Some of the industries that can benefit from commercial water filters include: 

  • Food and Beverage (convenience stores, coffee shops, offices) 
  • Hospitals 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Power Plants 
  • Agriculture and Irrigation 

Commercial water filters are not only affordable but can increase efficiency. High-quality filters can quickly purify a large quantity of water for numerous applications. 

Contact us today with any questions and concerns you may have about installing a commercial water filter in your organization. Whether you have a restaurant, office space, or industrial needs, Omnipure.

Commercial Water Filters in Restaurants 

Water quality is of the utmost importance for restaurants. Poor tasting water with a foul odor can negatively impact the overall taste and quality of your dishes and ruin your customers’ experience. From food and beverage preparation to the cleanliness of glassware and utensils, quality water is an integral component in all aspects of the operation of high-performing restaurants. 

The benefits of using commercial water filters in a restaurant include: 

  1. Reducing operating expenses: Quality filtrated water will reduce energy consumption and lower downtime caused by equipment malfunctions. 
  2. Expand the lifespan of kitchen equipment: Reducing scale buildup and eliminating harmful contaminants from the water supply can significantly extend the life of kitchen equipment. 
  3. Improve the appearance of glassware, utensils, and dishes: Quality water will reduce water spots often found on glassware and utensils, eliminating the need for hand polishing. 

When Should You Change Your Water Filter? 

While commercial water filters will substantially improve water quality, if they are not changed regularly, the water can quickly deteriorate back to its original state. A dirty water filter can lead to corrosion and may result in expensive equipment repairs and bad-tasting food and beverages in a foodservice operation.  

Regular maintenance is required to keep a commercial water filter in good working order, providing the highest efficacy rate. Large food particles, sediments, or debris can close off and restrict the water flow in the filtration system. It is essential to keep the inlet mesh screen clean to avoid clogging. Periodic replacement of a commercial water filter ensures the consistent filtration of suspended solids and sediments for the best quality water. 

The frequency of how often you change a commercial water filter depends on water usage and the water quality. An abundance of particulates or sediment in the water will require more changes than a filter exposed to limited contaminants. 

Typically, a commercial water filter needs to be changed every six months to one year. Changing the filter every six months will lead to the most proactive protection. 

Signs that you need to change a commercial water filter include: 

  • A decline in performance 
  • A drop in water flow rate 
  • Unusual taste or odor 
  • A substantial drop in water pressure 
  • High levels of deposits on downstream equipment 

Commercial Water Filters from Ominpure Filter Co. 

Omnipure Filter Co. is constantly evolving its line of commercial water filters through rigorous testing, engineering, and in-field monitoring.  Our filters have a practical use in countless commercial applications where better tasting water is essential. The difference between our products and the average consumer-grade filter is performance versus cost. We are a worldwide leader in the water filtration industry, ensuring the best solutions for our customers. 

Omnipure’s commercial inline water filter options include: 

  • CL-Series (11) 
  • ELF-Series (37) 
  • E-Series (52) 
  • K-Series (111) 
  • L-Series (56) 
  • Q-Series (77) 

We also carry OC-Series and OMB-Series replacement cartridges for water filters and offer custom filter manufacturing services. View our catalog for a full description of all available products. You can also utilize the location finder to receive information on an Omnipure distributor near you. 

Contact us today with any questions and concerns you may have about installing a commercial water filter in your organization. Whether you have a restaurant, office space, or industrial needs, Omnipure