Omnipure Filter Co., Inc. is one of the most trusted inline home water filter manufacturers. We made the first point-of-use or POU water filter in 1970 and introduced it to the world. Since then, we have honed our expertise and adapted to various trends to ensure that we provide the best to our residential customers.

Our goal is to provide better-tasting water with our carbon water filter. Through a small and disposable filtration system, our engineers have developed and distributed it worldwide for various residential uses.

Main Applications of Our Carbon Block Water Filter for Residential Use

Many homeowners need help with treating their water at home. It can be very confusing and draining. Plus, it takes time and effort to learn. However, Omnipure Filter’s carbon block water filter products are designed to make life easier for those who want an uncomplicated and worry-free water source.

For example, we have designed an inline refrigerator water filter to remove the unsavory tastes from the water you drink. We offer a wide range of inline water filter for refrigerator system products you can choose from to make your life easier so that you can easily attach them to your fridge.

We also have an inline water filter for ice maker attached to your refrigerators. These filters are designed to remove certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals and odors, from the ice cubes your fridge is making. Furthermore, we also have a washing machine inline water filter for cleaner water when you’re doing your laundry!

Types of Water Filters Available from Omnipure Filter

We have an extensive range of water filter series you can choose from. The available Inline Water Filter series are the following:

We have outstanding in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art machines that manufacture over 20,000 filters daily. That’s how huge the market is for our inline water filter products. It may be time to consider and install one in your home too!

Why Choose Omnipure Filter for All Your Water Filtering Needs?

We have been in the business for numerous years. During those times, we have caught up with the latest technologies and found a way to make the lives of millions of homeowners easy. Our water filters are customizable so that we can cater to all your needs and preferences.

We understand that everybody has their own specifications. So we made sure to develop filters with different configurations in various sizes. These make a perfect addition to your home to give your family a healthy and clean water source.

Consider the Most Trusted Inline Water Filter From Omnipure Filter

Finding a clean and reliable water source can be daunting. But we have made it our mission to help every residential owner regain their confidence while drinking water that tastes so good and refreshing.

So if you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We are here to guide you and find a solution to all your water problems.